Top 10 New NHL Adidas Jerseys

To begin, I thought I would showcase a few of my new favorite things, hockey sweaters. The crisp fall air, and a rewatchable episode of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, inspired me to build this site, and share some interesting, a term I use loosely, epiphanies.

1. New York Rangers

New York Rangers.jpg

This is a beautiful classic design with the simplest of primary colors. Many have had issue with the front of the collar being red, I personally pay it no mind. The striping is perfectly measured, and provides appealing contrast that gives you an icy chill, appropriate for a hockey jersey. The numbers on the side continue to draw attention from all angles, not just the front and back. The text on the front is unlike anyone else's in the league, and it's on the only jersey not to feature the team's primary logo, and that individuality helps reflect New York's identity: above the rest. Oh and they kept the strings under the collar. Wonderful.

2. Vancouver Canucks

Vancouver Canucks.jpg

One thing you may notice is that I like the color blue, and it certainly sways my opinion of the jerseys, confirming that no, there is no such that as objectivity in a top 10 list. "Retro" is one way of characterizing this lovely sweater. Green striping and a small white outline is the most appropriate gesture in this context. The "Vancouver" curve above the outstanding logo showcases a diversity and courageousness by the designer who says, "less isn't more in Vancouver." Mazel tov, British Columbia.

3. Florida Panthers

Florida Panthers.jpg

While the idea of a hockey team in Miami is somewhat antithetical, it can't mean that it's players and fans shouldn't dress intuitively. I give this jersey the award for Best Usage of Color Scheme. The design gives proper allocation to both primary and secondary colors, there is never too little or much of any one color, and that balance is what I revere the most. The team shield is also very modern and well contrasted.

4. Philadelphia Flyers

Philadelphia Flyers.jpg

I'm not normally a big proponent of Philadelphia sports and anything associated with it, mostly because of many of the fans' attitudes, I may need to spend more time in Philly to better appreciate it. Thankfully, this jersey is something I can truly admire from the City of Brotherly Love. One of the best logos in sports sits dead center for all to accept either gracefully or forcefully. The tough black and gentle orange pleasantly complement each other, with the white serving as the mediator between its two opposing personalities. A jersey can say so much about a city, and here it announces, "Pain with pleasure."

5. Buffalo Sabres

Buffalo Sabres.jpg

I certainly appreciate the gold and blue used in this sweater, but it is the design components that I enjoy here. The striping is 110% of what it needs, in my humble opinion, just a tad overboard. Never mind, I'm not sure that I could do any better here, it's well done. The numbers on the front are a unique touch, and a welcome one at that. I'm not crazy about the logo, it could use a touch of sharpness, but it preserves its classic look. Considering what it used to be, I'm pleased with the direction taken here.

6. Arizona Coyotes

Arizona Coyotes.jpg

Jerseys of teams that go through many different branding shifts can get lost in the frays of tradition. I hope Arizona can find its identity in these uniforms. The modern logo doesn't scream either "Arizona" or "Coyotes" unfortunately, but the color scheme and contrast work is executed nicely. The white on the edge of the sleeves might be its Saving Grace, and a really sharp touch that makes this sweater enjoyable to the eye.

7. Chicago Blackhawks

Chicago Blackhawks.jpg

What can you say about this powerhouse that hasn't been said already. Steeped in a tradition of excellence, Chicago has built a top-notch professional organization followed by avid fans. The jersey just dresses the sweet combo as the cherry on top. I also love that they are keeping the heavy stitching on the logos, which boosts its prestige and craftsmanship.

8. Edmonton Oilers

Edmonton Oilers.jpg

LOVE the color scheme, I just need those beautiful blue bases to come back next year, and it's at the top of the list. Impeccable striping, a magnificent logo, but this orange is not so easy on the eyes as a base for the jersey. Until next year, Edmonton.

9. Montreal Canadiens

Montreal Canadiens.jpg

This jersey can be looked at as a metaphor for Montreal. Enough red to say "We are Canadians!" Secretly, enough blue to say, "We are Canadiens!" I will join the Front de libération du Québec if this is our uniform.

10. Boston Bruins

Boston Bruins.jpg

My personal favorite NHL logo equips a Bruins sweater with a great color palette to explore, and it does a fine job of implementing it here.  The striping is staggered and even, which is a plus. While I understand tradition very well, I do feel that the cutoff of the yellow and white shoulder patches are a bit abrupt and uneven. It could go without it entirely, I believe. Otherwise, it's a true top 10 piece.

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